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  Simplex 4100U
Congratulations! You have completed the curricula for Simplex 4100U Fire Alarm Technicians. You can now perform all of the usual tasks and basic programming on these panels. Are you ready to learn more? This website provides resources for you to expand your skills and extend your training.
Recommended Training
Title Description
CO Sensor Bases for Technicians TSPI_FA063

This course will enable you to learn about the components , features, functions and general operation of CO sensor and sounder bases. You will learn how to view the status of CO sensor points. You will also learn how to set up service test mode for CO sensors.

Basics of Customer Networks and TSP Products (Technicians) TSPI_FA112

At this end of this course, learners will be able to describe basic features of a building network (LAN) and use essential networking terminology to communicate with customer IT administrators. They will also learn some basic network troubleshooting commands.

Fundamentals of Fiber Optics TSPI_FA333

This course will enable you to install, terminate, test and troubleshoot fiber optic communications cabling. You will also learn about interconnection hardware and cable preparation through network design and loss budgets. This program is based on Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards and includes practical exercises for maintaining and evaluating these fiber optic networks that Tyco Safety Products systems rely on.

4100U Autocall XA Loop Interface TSPI_FA515

This course will enable you to learn about the technical features of the 4100U XA Loop Interface Card. You will identify XALIC compatible AUTOCALL systems. You will also learn about the possible applications when migrating an existing AUTOCALL legacy system to a 4100U fire alarm system.

4100ES/4100U Programming - Selective Signaling Wizard TSPI_ FA517

This course will enable you to learn how to prevent default general alarm signaling on a 4100ES/4100U fire alarm system. You will learn how to disable default, general alarm system lists (both automatic and manual). You will learn how to use the wizard to create and edit your selective signaling groups, zones and lists.

TSPI_ TrueAlert Applications TSPI_FA520 This recorded webinar will provide an overview of TrueAlert Applications and is geared towards the Sales and Project Engineer positions.
4100U-TFX Interface - Technical TSPI_FA523

This course will enable you to perform installation programming of a TFXi card for a 4100U system connected to a TFX network. After a programming demonstration by the facilitator, you will install the card with the aid of the 4100U Programmer and SMPL programming. You will learn how to set up basic operations for addition of a 4100U system to an existing TFX network.

4100ES/4100U Custom Control - Time Control Equations TSPI_FA526

This course will enable you to learn how to write a time control equation for a 4100ES/4100U fire alarm system. You will learn how to control a point based on the time of day. You will learn how to compare one analog pseudo to another analog pseudo for time. You will also learn how to use the OR, AND, SAVE and RECALL commands in an equation.

4100U Custom Control - PreSignal Applications TSPI_FA529

ON HOLD - This course will enable you to learn about pre-signaling, how it operates, and its requirements for a 4100U fire alarm system. You will learn how to program pre-signaling custom control equations.

4100U Programming - TrueAlarm Multi Sensor Webinar TSPI_FA544

This course will enable you to identify the technical features and functions of a TrueAlarm multi-sensor. You will learn about the concept behind a TrueAlarm multi-sensor as well as the hardware configuration options. You will also learn about the available programming options.

4100U Expansion Signal Modules TSPI_FA548 To become familiar with different applications and configurations of the 4100U signal expansion modules.
Network Digital Audio with Fiber Modem Webinar TSPI_FA550

With the release of 4100U v11.08, network digital audio has enhanced feature capability. Along with these enhancements the Fiber Modem module was released allowing Network or RUI communications to be transmitted along with analog or digital audio over a single fiber. Fire Alarm Sales Support has developed a webinar to compare applications on wired vs Fiber network and audio communications using the new Fiber Modem options.

Simplex 4100ES/4100U InfoAlarm Command Center TSPI_FA555

This course shows how to upgrade an existing 4100U Fire Alarm Panel to include an InfoAlarm Command Center display. Learn how to configure the upgraded panel to meet your customer's needs, including bilingual operation, selecting display options, and incorporating a site map or watermark.

4100U Upgrade Kits TSPI_FA724

This course is designed to provide experienced sales representatives, project engineers, and service personnel with the basic knowledge of the features, benefits and necessary parts for 4100 and 4020 system upgrades to 4100U systems.

TrueAlert Addressable Multi-Candela Appliances TSPI_FA810 This course will enable you to learn how to set the candela rating on a TrueAlert power supply using the 4100ES/4100U Programmer. You will learn how to interpret common troubles caused by mismatched candela settings. You will learn how to perform a TrueNAC diagnostic test to verify the correct installation of multi-candela appliances and how to generate a TrueNAC Status Report. You will interpret the output codes during a magnet test. You will also identify and recommend solutions to fix three typical problems.